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A fire door tends to be an internal wooden one whose purpose is to enable an emergency escape route through a property and help to compartmentalise a fire, preventing the spread of smoke and flames. These doors do not have to be a fire rated fire door and are usually identified by a sign with a blue circle and white text. Alternatively, a fire protection door must have a proven fire rating that is at least as high as the rest of the buildings structure. This fire rating includes the entire door assembly comprising the door frame, any glazing, intumescent fire and smoke seals and all the door furniture, such as hinges, door closers, latches and locks. Here in the United Kingdom a fire resisting door set should be subjected to either a British Standard Fire Test BS 476 Part 22 1987, or a BS/EN 1634-1 2test.

Material Options Explained

Below is a more detailed description of the materials this particular safety sign is available in. Helping you decide which sign option is most suitable for your application.

1. Rigid Plastic: Lightweight, gloss white PVC with high impact strength. Suitable for both internal and external safety signs. Easily drilled for wall fixing.

2. Self-Adhesive Vinyl: A high gloss, flexible PVC vinyl with self-adhesive backing. Suitable for applying to most smooth, dry and clean surfaces. Ideally suited for internal signs.

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