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We want your customers to know they are getting the best that the marketplace has to offer and as such our brands are widely recognised as market-leaders within the industry. As a result your customers can be assured that whenever they order one of our products, they will be receiving a high quality product at all times.

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All of our signs meet the latest technical standard (ISO 7010 compliant)

in terms of sign design and meet strict quality procedures to ensure consistency of colour/design and print quality, with tried and tested materials being used throughout our printing processes. As a member of the HSSA (Health & Safety Signs Association) and BSIF (British Safety Industry Federation) you (and your customers) can be assured of our integrity and expertise within the industry.

We only supply our signs to trade/re-sellers which guarantees we will never directly compete for your customers’ business and that we are able to deliver direct to your customer without the worry of us trying to back-sell to them directly in future.

When your customer buys a Caledonia manufactured sign from you, they know they will be receiving the best in quality and service.

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Photoluminescent signs, tapes and markers work by storing energy from either a natural or artificial light source.

If the light source is no longer available in the case of a blackout due to a fire or other emergency, then the “charge” in the sign releases light in the form of protons to produce a greenish luminant glow, also known as phosphorescence. The strength and quality of this glow can vary greatly between manufacturers and for this reason we have introduced the Ultra Bright brand to give assurance that all our photoluminescent signage exceeds PSPA (The Photoluminescent Safety Products Association) Class C ratings, making it one of the best in the UK market and ensuring our signs stay brighter for longer to give the maximum chance for a successful evacuation.

Photoluminescent signage is charged by light which allows it to glow in the dark if there is a sudden loss of light due to a power outage or if thick smoke from a fire is obstructing vision. Using this type of signage in a building can assist employees or members of the public to a safe refuge area away from the danger.

Ensuring that signage is clearly visible in blackout conditions can prove the difference between life and death during an emergency evacuation, helping guide people to exits and to essential equipment. The real beauty of photoluminescent products, in the context of a Safety Way Guidance System, is that they do not need electricity to glow in the dark if properly sited and maintained. In an emergency situation where a mains failure has occurred, they will immediately light the way to safety even in smoky conditions.

All Safety Way Guidance Systems (SWGS) must conform to the standards set out in BS ISO 16069. This stipulates requirements that need to be met with regard to the design, installation and performance for both photoluminescent and electrical SWGS. The benefit of these systems is that they are coherent and understood by all, regardless of culture or language. Occupants within your premises can be guided safely out of the building to a designated assembly/refuge point, in the event of an emergency. This is ensured as symbols on the signs must be compliant with BS EN 7010 and sign design must meet the requirements of BS ISO 3864 parts 1-4, to conform to BS ISO 16069.

To achieve high performance in low light conditions and conform to ISO 16069 we recommend using Ultra Bright. Ultra Bright exceeds Class C and the table below indicates how Ultra Bright performs in comparison to PSPA classifications, with our signage remaining visible even after an hour in darkness.

Specifications & Benefits:

1. Exceeds Class C photoluminescent PSPA rating
2. Afterglow testing in accordance with DIN 67510-Pt1
3. Compliant with ISO 16069:2017 Safety way guidance systems (SWGS)
4. Maximises visibility of signs during smoky / black-out conditions. Provides clear guidance
to exits and emergency equipment which helps significantly reduce evacuation times
5. Self re-chargeable and maintenance free - No power source / batteries required
6. Instant and long lasting visibility of signage in blackout conditions.
It takes over 48 hours to totally fade from fully charged
7. Cost effective and easy to install
8. Non-toxic or radioactive pigments (REACH / RoHS compliant)

ultra bright luminance table

The classification system is calculated on luminance decay after a given time which complies to ISO 17398:2004, ISO 16069:2017 and DIN 67510-Pt1

Ultra Bright Rigid Plastic: 1.2mm rigid plastic with photoluminescent pigmentation.
Ultra Bright Self Adhesive Vinyl: 0.35mm flexible self adhesive vinyl with photo luminescent pigmentation.

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Good to Go Safety is a multi-award winning tagging and checklist system which enables companies to complete safety inspections on workplace equipment.

Safety inspection checklists enable a competent person to carry out preventative maintenance checks on a wide range of equipment, across many industry sectors. Our checklists are just one part of the system; the status tag also ensures visibility of the completed safety inspection checklist (including date and findings) and clearly indicates to employees if/when an safety inspection has been missed or if faults have been found – removing the risk of assumption that it is safe for use.

Good to Go Safety has become a brand that customers crave and demand and they will come back to you time after time to order more. It is a system that delivers on many levels – helping companies to improve safety, reduce maintenance costs and comply with legislation.