Lockout Station - 10 Lock Capacity - Includes Contents Safety Sign / Product

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Lockout stations ensure that padlocks, tags and hasps are readily available from a dedicated location. Manufactured from extra tough polycarbonate in a one-piece moulded construction - eliminating the risk of loose parts. Lockable translucent cover protects contents from dust and grime and ensures the LOTO equipment is there when you need it. Reinforced snap-on clips provide easy padlock and hasp storage and removal. All stations can be wall mounted (fixings not included).

Contents included with station: 10 Red lockout padlocks (keyed different); 4 x Lockout hasps (with 25mm clearance); 24 x Double sided lockout tags (with Do not operate message)

Dimensions (HxWxD): 393x558x44mm

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