Engraved Valve Tags - White with Black Text Safety Sign / Product

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  • Code: 51500, 51506, 51512, 51518

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Available Options

A bright white circular tag with black text, available in two different sizes with the option of with or without prefixes. A cost effective and practical solution for many industrial applications due to being made of a heat-resistant and robust material able to withstand the toughest environments

Our valve tags are engraved to give better quality than printed, stamped or punched versions
The tags are drilled at the top centre allowing you to connect it to a ball chain or cable tie
Each pack contains 5 sequentially numbered tags with prefix letters - Please state the number range and prefix you require (e.g.. HTG:1-5 GAS:51-1 etc.) when ordering

Miscellaneous Products / Materials

Any product outside of our standard choice of material/size range starts with a 5. This may include items such as rolls of tape, sign frames, floor graphics or banners. Below you can find a more detailed description of the miscellaneous material options available for this sign design.

5. 2-Ply 1.5mm Rigid PVC Laminate: A durable, scratch resistant material. Available in a range of colours. Laser and routing capabilities offer a high quality finish.

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