Caution Forklift Trucks Operating (English/polish) Safety Sign / Product

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Available Options

Most acids are very dangerous substances which must be handled and used with care. Many acids are corrosive and when concentrated release acidic mists that are also corrosive. If any type of acid in either its liquid or mist form comes into contact with skin, eyes or is inhaled, the damage can be irreversible and even fatal in extreme cases. Highlighting the use of Acid with hazard signs is an effective way to advise and forewarn of potential dangers.

Material Options Explained

Below is a more detailed description of the materials this particular safety sign is available in. Helping you decide which sign option is most suitable for your application.

1. Rigid Plastic: Lightweight, gloss white PVC with high impact strength. Suitable for both internal and external safety signs. Easily drilled for wall fixing.

2. Self-Adhesive Vinyl: A high gloss, flexible PVC vinyl with self-adhesive backing. Suitable for applying to most smooth, dry and clean surfaces. Ideally suited for internal signs.

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