Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 Poster Safety Sign / Product

  • Catalogue Page: 87
  • Code: 58115

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This Display Screen Equipment Poster covers essential information and advice relating to regulations and best working practices in the workplace.

The poster states:
These regulations require employers to perform suitable and sufficient assessment of work stations used by users or operators, to identify risks to health and safety and to reduce the risk to health and safety to the lowest extent so far as is reasonably practicable.

Workstation requirements, what you need to know
Display Screen: The characters on the screen shall be well defined and clearly formed, of adequate size and spacing between the characters and lines.
Keyboard: The keyboard shall be tiltable and separate from the screen, have a matt surface and the keys shall be adequately contrasted and legible from the working position.
Work Surface: The work surface shall be sufficiently large with low reflectance surface and allow flexible arrangement of equipment and documents.
Work Chair: The work chair shall be stable and allow the user ease of movement and comfortable working position. The seat of the chair shall be height adjustable and backrest shall be adjustable in height and tilt. A foot rest shall be provided to any user requesting one.
Space Requirements: The workstation shall be of sufficient dimensions as to provide enough space to change position and vary movement.
Lighting: Room lighting and task lighting provided shall ensure satisfactory lighting conditions and an appropriate contrast between screen and background environment. Possible disturbing glares and reflections shall be prevented.
Reflectors & Glare: Workstations shall be designed so that light sources and brightly coloured fixtures do not cause direct glare or distracting reflections on to the screen.
Noise: Noise emitted by the workstation equipment should not impede the concentration or normal speech level of the operator
Humidity: Workstation equipment shall not produce excessive heat, to the discomfort of the operator and an adequate level of humidity shall be maintained.
Computer / User Interface: The software to be used should be suitable for the task and adequate or adaptable to the ability levels of the operator. No monitoring without operators knowledge and operators to be involved in task design whenever possible.

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Rigid Plastic: Lightweight, gloss white PVC with high impact strength. Suitable for both internal and external safety signs. Easily drilled for wall fixing.

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