The future of Caledonia Signs - Safety signs of the future.

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The future of Caledonia Signs - Safety signs of the future.

Safety signs of the future.

The future of Caledonia Signs - Safety signs of the future.

With over 6,500 product lines to choose from we like to think that we cover most requirements when it comes to safety signs but with changes in legislation and technological advancements we are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and requests from customers.

We regularly check for legislation updates and news stories to spot any new trends that will give our distributors the edge and we were one of the first to develop a range of e-cigarette safety signs (now available from stock) as debates began to grip the nation on the pros and cons of ‘vaping’.

We recently spotted a news story on the BBC Website which we thought may be of interest:

Tomorrow's cities: A glimpse into the future of signs

Our cities are changing and technology is playing a big part in that change. The sci-fi vision of people commuting using jetpacks may not be that far off.

In his project Signs from the Near Future, blogger Fernando Barbella takes a wry look at how our street signs may also have to change to take account of driverless cars, internet-connected contact lenses and solar roads.

Click here to view a slide show of what might lie ahead in the future of safety and street signs:

Some of these signs may seem a step into a fanciful sci-fi future:

but others may be a little nearer to reality and we may well be supplying you with a whole new range of signs relating to driverless cars and warning of surveillance drones/social media devices sooner than we think?

You never know what might be around the corner but rest assured we are always on the lookout and will continue to lead the way when it comes to safety sign opportunities.

Don’t forget if your customer can’t find the exact sign they are looking for from our extensive range of standard signs then we can produce custom made signs to meet their requirements – just send us the details for a quote.

If you spot a gap in the market and think there is a range of signs we should be offering as standards, why not email us the details to and we will happily consider them for future inclusion.


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